Attracting customers: understand in 10 steps how to apply

Attracting customers

Capturing customers is essential for any company that wanted to grow without relying on chance to indicate new customers.

It is thinking about the capture that a company starts its sales process structuring efforts.

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  1. What is customer acquisition?
  2. How to make a good customer acquisition in 10 steps
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What is customer acquisition?

Customer acquisition is a term that, in order to be better understood, we need to take the synonyms of the word capture. Which are “attract”, “conquer”, so it is possible to better understand that attracting customers is an attraction, a process of conquering these customers for your company.

A capture is nothing more than a way of prospecting your customers, a way of actively attracting them into your base.

Most companies already have a method of prospecting and actively capturing their customers. If not, they need one right away, after all it’s the most effective way to get the most qualified customers back to the base.

A well-organized, defined, structured and scalable customer acquisition process is the key to the success of a business, to the good growth of a company.

Even if your product/solution is the best on the market, it is still necessary that it is discovered by people, that everyone knows it exists, and that they know about what you offer.

That’s why good customer acquisition is so important, a well-structured process so that your potential customers can find out about your company and want to buy your product.

How to make a good customer acquisition in 10 steps

1# Identify the ideal customer profile 

The first step to start the process of attracting customers in a well-structured way is to be able to identify the ideal customer profile for your company, your ICP.

Defining the desired characteristics for your ideal customer profile is essential to begin to understand how to get your first potential customers.

How is the profile of the people who will search for your company, solution/product, how they behave in the market, what are their main characteristics, are the strengths to be defined initially.

This will also help you to be able to have healthy and assertive lead generation.

2# Understand the characteristics of your business

To prospect, sell, find the ideal client, you first need to have a lot of ownership and confidence about your business, about what you are passing on to your client.

Get full knowledge about your solution/product, what you can offer this potential customer, and how best to approach him so that he can understand that he needs you.

The prospecting moment is one of the most important and requires more attention in the entire purchase journey that a customer goes through, this knowledge of all the details of your business will help you to argue more and more with your customer about the needs that he will present.

3# Understand your customer’s needs

Understanding the customer’s needs, his priorities is part of the path to be able to meet these demands, to be able to exceed expectations.

From the moment a pain, a need is presented, you need to understand how your solution can fit and resolve in the best way for that client, and present it to him.

In this way, he will analyze and see with your argument, with the metrics presented, with all the information you showed, that your solution/product fits better in what he needs at that moment.

4# Use content marketing to attract 

A very practical and efficient way today is content marketing, which has been increasingly present in the market and in the scenario of companies that are growing.

Quality and relevant content on social media attract a lot of people, even those who aren’t looking for a solution right now, but who might join your prospect list in the future.

The more online market education available, the more people can see your company, your business as a reference in what you do and in that subject.

5# Learn from what the competition does

What your competitors publish is also worth noting, what is released by them can be of great importance for learning your business.

Both in terms of what to do and what not to do in front of your audience, and also in this way you can observe and understand how people react with each release, with each information published by the competition.

Understand how your main competition has been capturing their customers, and how you can learn from this to use in your own customer acquisition process.

6# Use Inbound and Outbound

As we mentioned before, the content marketing technique, an Inbound marketing technique, is one of the most used to attract customers, which occurs through the online capture of leads.

However, you can also use a lot of Outbound, as a way to actively prospect these customers.

Outbound uses active prospecting of customers generated by the commercial intelligence team.

And by aligning these two strategies with a sales team that is well trained to execute them, they generate even more results for your recruiting process.

7# Participate in events

Participating in events, where famous networking takes place, is a great way to attract customers.

Mainly because the contact with your potential customer is in person, it is physical, nothing online, becoming a more personalized conversation, which can become a pitch.

Thus, it is necessary that your sales team is increasingly specialized and trained to take advantage of all opportunities to speak and approach potential customers.

#8 Acquisition of customers by channels

The capture of customers through channels occurs through the partners and influencers that your company has.

Where people who have connection and loyalty to your business will prospect customers for your company, in a way that reduces costs and effort for your sales team.

In addition to bringing new customers, more credibility to your business, as your company was represented by professionals who are partners with it.

#9 Attracting customers through referrals 

There is nothing better than a satisfied customer with the product he bought, with the solution he used and was useful for his need.

Better than that, is having this customer loyal to your company, as well as partners, who were mentioned above, and being able to disclose your business to other acquaintances.

An incredible way to attract customers is by referring your own customers, who use your service, we’re satisfied to the point of indicating to whom they know that they may also need your solution, and thus you get more new customers.

That is why the purchase and customer experience journey before, during and after purchase in your business is very important, to ensure satisfaction, avoid problems, retain customers, and also guarantee future referrals.

Of course, never rely on just one way of fundraising. Indications are good as one more path, never the only one.

10# Have a good flow of emails

When investing efforts in content marketing, email marketing comes as the main tool to keep potential customers connected.

Create a stream of targeted emails to send automatically, but personalized according to your customers, customized emails convert more, as shown in our 2021 report with more than 15 million interactions.

And ensure that these emails have content that is relevant to your customers who will receive them, to always generate impact and with this constancy make your readers interested in your solution, and become potential customers.


We talk about 10 steps to practically apply customer acquisition in your sales process.

It is always necessary to maintain a solid strategy for this fundraising to be carried out successfully and to continue leveraging your business.

Always look for continuous improvement in your fundraising process, and I hope this content has been useful to help you with that!