How to sell more in just 1 week

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Unfortunately, we don’t always have all the time in the world to generate results and reach defined goals. It is always better to carry out a structural change, as it aims to rebuild the basis of the process, forming a solid foundation for the evolution of results to continue for a long time.

However, it is more common to have so many tasks at hand that it is even complicated to implement so many changes in a viable time frame. Even because to be able to really improve a sales process, it is necessary to study and analyze, which takes time.

This is one of the most common reasons among Outbound Marketing clients: there is no time to get things done and they need someone with the knowledge to leverage the results.

And, today, I am writing this text for you. If you’re short on time and can’t think about hiring a consultancy right now, or you can, but don’t want to waste time, take advantage of the tips I’ve separated.

A tip for each working day of the week, so you can plan and improve your results with just less time.

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  1. How to sell more in 5 days
  2. Find the main gap in your sales funnel
  3. Start a sales coaching process
  4. Review your team’s commission structure
  5. create a competition
  6. Have sales consultants: apply the GPCT
  7. closing the week

How to sell more in 5 days

It is noteworthy that this is not necessarily the ideal path. For those who already have a well-structured process, for example, the results will be a little smaller than those who are in the midst of chaos.

It’s like they say: for those who have only 1 sale per month, 2 sales represent 100% growth.

The good news is that you won’t invest a lot of time, but you can increase your results in just a few days.

Come on?

Find the main gap in your sales funnel

Every sale funnel is made up of different stages. Each step must represent a moment of qualification or maturation of your lead, based on new information collected or on interaction with it.

Whether we talk about Inbound or Outbound Marketing doesn’t matter. What you will need to do is measure the highest rate of lost accounts throughout each step transition of your sales funnel.

If your pipeline is perfect like the one below, it will have very high consistency between the different steps. However, more often than not, one stage stands out from the rest of the sales funnel.

From this observation, your job is to understand the reason for this number of posts. I already indicate three initial theories to work on:

  • Your salespeople were not well trained to carry out the activities related to the step in question;
  • There is no material or content that helps your leads to make the decision on their own, without direct contact with your team, which creates barriers for new conversions and leads to more dropouts;
  • The activities from the previous steps are not being carried out correctly and this poor qualification of leads is bursting further ahead.

In either case, it’s your job to create a quick action plan for tightening that screw. Whether it’s training the team, producing more material, or creating clearer and more measurable parameters of progress in the funnel.

As I said, the analysis is equivalent for both processes: Inbound and Outbound. It may be that the traffic, in Inbound, does not have the necessary profile and, for this reason, the conversion into leads is low. Or even if the prospects delivered by Commercial Intelligence are not well qualified and, therefore, the conversion into leads is low by the active prospecting team, in Outbound. Simple, isn’t it?

Start a sales coaching process

If you cannot hire a professional sales coach, you have two options: you are responsible for carrying out the coaching yourself or, if you do not have the necessary know-how, find the best performing salespeople at each stage and ask them to be responsible for helping teammates.

Coaching is one of the best ways to increase results in a short period of time, as it analyzes the main gaps of each vendor and prioritizes their resolution according to the possible impact on their results. So start implementing it now to reap the results quickly.

If in doubt, check out our article on Sales Coaching: How to Get Out of Your Fantasy.

Review your team’s commission structure

For the third day, your goal is to understand if the commission for the team is fair. Is it too high or too low? If it’s high, the team may naturally be disheartened by the change, but you will have salespeople moving more, leaving accommodation aside and focusing on getting back the amounts they once received through closing efforts.

Now, if it is low, it may be that the incentive for your sales team is not enough and, therefore, the best ones end up leaving your company, leaving you stuck with the most accommodating. A change, in this case, may force you to reformulate your entire team, but it will be a positive change in the medium term, as a new team, with the right incentive, will yield more.

If this is your situation, simply readjust the benefits and start searching the market for new sellers, giving time to those already on the team to evolve and pursue more consistent results. With the scenario unchanged, start replacing the team little by little, keeping only those with the best performance or evolution.

Create a competition

Sales competitions are ideal to generate focus for the team and have a very positive cost-benefit ratio. If you have a clear objective, whether via discount, compelling, or entering new markets, create competitions driven by those results and deliver relevant prizes to your team.

By creating competition, you encourage the team culture and improve short-term results. Here are three basic rules for creating a new sales competition:

  1. Do not let the competition be predatory, everyone must be ethical and cannot interfere with each other, after all the team result is what matters;
  2. Create clear and fair metrics to define the champion, which must be the seller who brings the greatest result within the proposed conditions;
  3. Very short competitions do not allow for planning and team engagement, however very long competitions end up not working, as the team itself has difficulty in valuing the prize in a distant horizon.

Have sales consultants: apply the GPCT

Stop pushing your product at the wrong time by submitting lead proposals without maturity qualifications (SQLs) or featuring features for non-profiled leads (MQLs).

With just a few hours of study, you can understand what GPCT is and start applying it right now. This way, your team will become an expert in consultative selling and will know how to best align expectations, decreasing your churn and increasing total funnel conversion.

You can learn more about these subjects here: GPCT – How to sell more and better or Consultative Selling: what it is.

It shouldn’t be difficult to train your team once you understand the correct essence of the process. 🙂

closing the week

By the end of this week, you will have improved your base and will bring impact results in a short time, as your team will not need much time to assimilate the proposed ideas.

In the midst of a crisis or simply shortly after the middle of the business year, you can start optimizing your processes and thus be able to take a new path to achieve the results proposed by your company’s management.

Now, if you understand that you need more professional help, you can contact me by email at and I will help you find the right path, ok?