Prospecting Techniques: 4 Strategies to Achieve Connection

Prospecting Techniques

One of our most complete articles is Customer Prospecting.

It is nothing more than a complete guide with all the prospecting techniques available to your sales team.

If you still have difficulties in prospecting your business and use the phone a lot, I suggest you take a look at this guide!

In addition to this indication, I want to talk about the four strategies necessary for you to supercharge your prospecting techniques!

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The Importance of Connection in Outbound Marketing

The connection with the prospect is nothing more than prospecting for success, where you can talk to the contact you have and have a positive response, where you will be able to start qualifying him.

Every pre-sales specialist, like our team here at Outbound Marketing Consultoria, values ​​connecting with prospects for a clear reason: it’s one of the hardest goals to achieve.

Breaking the ice isn’t simple, and the operating workload turns many professionals away, who build greater affection for the more advanced stages of the sales funnel, involving lead nurturing, proposal negotiations, and closing.

And it’s normal, after all, our nature takes us away from a stage of the process where we hear many negatives. In addition to the work being operational, because you call several times (in some, no one answers, in others the person is not or cannot speak, etc.), send several emails, among other situations.

For all that, your pre-sales process needs to generate real value through a solid structure. If your team has the chance, it will benefit the most nurtured leads and you will lose a lot of potential sales.

In addition, the connection becomes the most challenging step, because once you manage to create a minimum of rapport, things become easier: the salesperson sees fewer obstacles, the lead reduces barriers and the negotiation tends to follow the remaining process.

Connection goals

To make it easier, you should have a goal to make connections with your prospects, right? After all, if you have already optimized prospecting techniques, what is the expected result?

If you don’t have a direction, anything can do. So, it is necessary at least to have a basis for comparing the success of your team’s connections.

The most common name for this indicator is the reach rate, that is, the percentage of prospects you can actually reach and connect:

  • Reach Rate = 15%

If your conversion rates are close to 15%, you are already in the market average. However, your prospecting optimization must continue.

Here at Outbound Marketing, our own Outbound team and those of our clients have campaigns with spectacular results, reaching 30% conversion during a few shots for lists pre-qualified by the Commercial Intelligence team.

Do you want to have these numbers too? So let’s go to the tips I prepared for you!

4 Strategies for the Success of Your Prospecting Techniques

There are different prospecting techniques available. Your team can contact you via telemarketing, outbound, advertising, among others. We believe that the most complete and with the highest success rate are Cold Calling and Cold Mailing

In order for you to follow the strategies below and for the implementation of the prospecting techniques I mention to generate real success, I recommend that you have already divided the responsibilities in your sales team, having at least one segmentation between Hunters and Closers.

Now, let’s go to the tips:

Have a killer sales script

Many professionals still use a sales script in the wrong way and this is a serious problem.

The high-performing salesperson sees the sales script as a mere guide, helping to direct his speech and create a clear presentation structure for the potential buyer.

However, we have the other side of the coin, those who act as telemarketers and use the script at all times, like mere robots that continue to read what is in front of them.

Your sales script should have a single, simple feature: it should represent your personas’ buying journey!

If you already know who you need to sell to, you just need to define how they would like to buy your solution, how they see the real value of the product.

For a Marketing and Sales consultancy, the ideal time is to talk to companies that want to increase their results in new business, attracting more clients.

However, how will he see value in a consultancy when compared to other options, such as hiring a full commercial team or just a manager with market experience? My sales script is my weapon to make my prospects and leads realize the real value in what I offer and invest their time to listen a little more.

If you still don’t have a structured sales itinerary, check out our article analyzing the one from Stratton Oakmont, the company of the Wolf of Wall Street.

Have a compelling and compelling prospect email

If your main prospecting technique is through emails, then you need to understand more about the ideal anatomy of a prospecting email.

Optimizing an email will involve:

  • Create a Subject that catches the attention of prospects;
  • Generate engagement, with a well-formulated presentation and briefing;
  • Put the correct information in the body of the email, allowing the prospect to identify with what is being presented;
  • Create Calls-to-action that really lead to interaction.

don’t give up easily

Do you know the expression “ Rookie Mistake ”? It is used to describe a beginner’s mistakes, and in my experience, the most common mistake a new salesperson makes is quitting too quickly.

Perhaps out of fear of rejection and because they believe it is bothering them, the lack of experience in the area leads the salesperson to definitively interrupt attempts to connect with a lead.

He wants to go to the next one! He wants to talk to whoever is really interested (or at least that’s what he tells others).

And how to resolve these situations? Simple: create a cadence stream!

Cadence flow is the drawing of the number of contacts your salespeople need to make with all prospects and leads throughout the sales funnel.

On average, you need to make at least 8 attempts to get a connection with your prospects, but sellers try up to 2 times.

Are you going to let your team waste so many opportunities?

Take advantage of our full article on cadence flow and learn everything you need to get your process on track!

Be prepared for objections

The challenge of making a connection starts when looking for the company contact: which email and phone number should you try to talk to?

Once you get the right contact, you need to be able to reach the right person! After all, it is often necessary to go through a secretary, receptionist, or even an analyst who is afraid to pass the call on to the boss.

In other cases, your email goes to the CEO or a director other than the decision-maker, and you need a simple introduction.

And if you talk to the decision-maker, the objections he raises for the negotiation to evolve still arise…

Situations, where you need to lose out on a deal because you can’t respond to the objections he raises, are really bad! You’ve already taken a long time to get there, so if he doesn’t convert, your burden will be even greater.

That’s why you need to map out the most common objections raised by your leads.

With this mapping, it is possible to test and find the best answers to undermine the objections presented!

This way, you increase the efficiency of your team, which loses fewer leads after investing some time in their qualification.

For starters, check out the 3 most common objections we’ve found across the market (and probably your team too) .

Don’t wait to get started: your prospecting techniques need to evolve NOW!

The leads you connect throughout the month of October can be the different in two scenarios:

  1. Your team hit this year’s goal!
  2. You enter 2016 with a pipeline full and ready to convert!

So, don’t waste time and, if you need help with any of the above strategies, you already know: just send an email to