What is a sales consultant, what does it do and the 3 differences

sales consultant

The Sales Consultant has become popular in B2B business processes. His consultative approaches set him apart from the impact salesperson.

This type of approach can be used by salespeople and pre-sales professionals such as SDRs.

Oh, and if you want to know how the best SDRs and Closers behave to be consultative, check out our guide on qualification.

It holds true for SDRs and Sellers who are beginning to understand more about consultative selling, and also for managers and team leaders who need to know what an excellent consultative selling standard is.

Qualification for SDRs and Closers

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  1. What is a sales consultant?
  2. Why be a complex sales consultant?
  3. What is the salary of a sales consultant?
  4. What does a sales consultant do?
  5. Roles of a Sales Consultant
  6. Conclusion

What is a sales consultant?

A sales consultant is the professional responsible for providing customer service during the sales process. He performs the qualification, presentation, negotiation until closing the sale of products or services that he has in his portfolio.

As a general rule, the sales consultant is an evolution of the role of impact salesperson or relationship-based salesperson.

Also, this position is more common in complex sales scenarios where a greater understanding of each customer’s scenario is required

There are 3 differentiating situations about what a sales consultant is. This is important to avoid doubt.

Difference from the sales consultant to a salesperson

A sales consultant is a professional who performs customer diagnostics, seeking to understand their needs, what customers need most at that moment, as long as they are related to your product or service being sold.

And so they build strategies to be able to solve these problems identified within the scope of the company they work for.

The seller may not follow a consultative strategy in the sales process. When this happens, the salesperson takes on the role of account executive.

This is the first differentiation on what a sales consultant is and you shouldn’t confuse with a salesperson.

Difference from the sales consultant to the project consultant in sales?

A sales project consultant is a professional who is linked to a long-term consulting project.

Usually, to increase the sales team’s revenue, some companies hire external consultants to help with the diagnosis and structuring of processes.

In some cases, the implementation of some sales tools can be tied to service, otherwise known as professional services. 

This type of service encompasses some of the few actions that are correlated with the technology to be implemented.

Thus, unlike the sales consultant, the project consultant is responsible for servicing a company sold by the first.

This is the second distinction about what a sales consultant is and you shouldn’t confuse with a project consultant. One who is responsible for customer service and not for selling the customer.

What is the difference between an external sales consultant?

A sales consultant works on an internal (inside sales), external (field sales) approach or a hybrid process (both approaches).

This is dependent on the complexity of the solution sold and other aspects such as the average ticket of the solution.

The external sales consultant can be focused on doing the entire sales process at the customer’s company while the internal sales consultant performs the process remotely.

The external sales consultant makes sense in solutions with very high ticket and/or high LTV.

This is the third differentiation about what a sales consultant is more about the type of work (internal, external or hybrid). We can have consultants in both scenarios.

Why be a complex sales consultant?

It is nothing new for most companies that investing in consultative selling is essential to grow and even survive the market.

With the development of the internet, the shopper has become much more empowered with regard to purchasing.

Chances are, when the lead contacts you to learn more about what your company offers, they’ve already done some research before.

In this sense, he may already know what the need he has and how to solve it. He may even have already researched his competitors, whether direct or indirect.

And if we are talking about an outbound sale, this scenario is not that different.

After you send your cold emails or make your cold calls, if you did your homework well and generated curiosity in the lead, he will do another research to know your company more deeply.

With this shift in the customer’s buying journey, competitive differentiation between one product and another is very subtle. Creating value for the customer becomes the key to getting the lead’s attention.

But ultimately, how can the seller do this? Through consultative selling!

Despite a lot of talk about understanding the lead scenario to make the solution tangible in its scenario, today, given the size of the market, few companies actually do this.

According to Blender, 56.82% of B2B decision-makers believe the sellers they talk to are unprepared.

That’s why it’s essential that sales teams receive training that instructs them on how to make the best possible shopping experience for the lead!

This is where the sales consultant comes in: he helps sales consultants structure their processes and sell more.

A sales consultant seeks to understand the product or service that a company offers, as well as its market and, consequently, the structure of its sales funnel.

With a well-designed process and metrics to analyze sales team and manager performance, you see a direct result in revenue growth.

Furthermore, the duty of a sales consultant is to ensure that the company that hired him is able to walk on its own two feet.

The sales process must be structured in such a way that, after the end of the project, this company is able to continue applying what was developed with the consultant, defining new strategies.

Do you realize that the consultancy’s impact is direct on new revenues? Consulting makes it easier to analyze the ROI of your investment!

However, a sales consultant needs to structure the customer process as best as possible.

What is the salary of a sales consultant?

A sales consultant earns on average around R$ 2,072.00 currently in the Brazilian market, reaching up to R$ 4,013.00.

But depending on the company, the working day, proposals for commissions or work organization, the salary may vary.

What does a sales consultant do?

The functions of the sales consultant are:

  • Customer service;
  • Survey of new customers;
  • Approaching new customers;
  • Receiving and continuing opportunities from the pre-sales team;
  • Education about services and solutions;
  • Handling objections and removing doubts;
  • Product or service presentations and demonstrations;
  • Negotiation of values ​​and contract terms;
  • Passing the baton to the customer service or success team;

The consultant’s work may vary from one company to another depending on the type of solution being sold.

Roles of a Sales Consultant

  • Prospecting (Optional)

A sales consultant performs the prospecting process for customers, where he analyzes and connects with them to try to qualify them to forward to the salesperson who will carry out the sales process.

  • Qualification

In the qualification stage of these clients, a sales consultant researches them, qualifying them according to the company’s expectations of ideal clients so that they fit into the process.

  • Presentation

Sales consultants also present the company and its products or services offered, so that the customer has a greater knowledge of the business.

  • Negotiation and Closing

One of the final parts of the process that the sales consultant is part of is the negotiation and closing, where after following up on all the previous steps and following the client, he is also able to close that deal.


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